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Verb, transitive.

Other uses: to dawk, dawking, dawken

1. To cause a complete destruction of a good thing by doing something completely absurd.
2. To wreck a fantasy sports team through utter stupidity or foolhardly boasts.
3. To commit any egregious error which causes you to be the butt of all jokes, inspired by our friend Corey.

1. "I completely dawked my relationship with Amanda. She was smart, funny, loved sports, but I guess she wasn't into fucking me in the ass."

2. "I'll trade Adam Dunn and Johnny Damon for Pedro. How can I lose; and you guys are all screwed, Carlos Lee doesn't tank in the second half."
"Dude, he just dawked his team."
by LP79 September 27, 2005
When a statement is both cute and simultaneously just as awkward.
A guy waits at an entrance of a club and spots his girlfriend all dressed up bimbo like approaching from afar.

Guy: You look so adorable. Quit being so cute.

Girl: (As girl approaches) - Her heel gets caught in a crack and falls flat on her face

Guy: Dasss D'awks
by Gio & Roman Ugly January 27, 2012
When something is both cute (dawwww) and awkward.
That fat girl is so d'awks
by GioDidn'tComeUpWithThisAtAll January 30, 2012
To be dank, awesome, weird, and kool all at the same time. adj.
"Shit man that kids dawk."
"Those pants sure are dawk"
"I'm not dawk enough to hang with them"
by Jenna Rogers715 July 10, 2008
1. Someone of Melbourne Western Suburbian Decent,
2. Dawk is accented in the bogan australian language for 'dog' because dawks lack the ability to call someone a dog due to their convict like heritage
eg: "I'll smash the dawk, fuckin cunt stole my socks"
by the_dawk_father July 19, 2006
A pet you can adopt on
I have a pet on His name is Vampire_Dawk.
by true_vampire13 December 14, 2003
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