The act of performing oral sex on a women from behind by which your tongue enters her pussy while your nose jabs her cornhole, this also works in the prone position and the tongue enters the corhhole while your nose jabs her pussy
" I bent that naughty bitch over and gave her the rhino of her life"
by RhinoMaster October 08, 2008
A person with a fat stomach, almost pregnant looking
hey rhino, run a few laps then we'll talk.
by AlannaAffliction May 16, 2007
To be a moron. To be devoid of intelligence. To think is a good source to look up the word ricer with.
My god what a Rhino.
by -Nw-Woogie November 28, 2003
The act of coming up from behind someone who is not paying attention, forming a heavy fist, and going through the legs for a punch to the nuts. As the person is stunned, the victim then is hurled into the air when the person, from behind, lifts at an upward angle.

(Rhino II: Thunder Horn coming to stores 9/1/06)
Did you see Steve rhino Eric to form the combined shame of a punch to the nuts and a lift-off.
by The Hybrid Warrior September 17, 2006
a semi-fat chick who could be hot and or really hot if she lost the love handles. rhino's are cool to hook up with too
Rhinos; tag and release baby!
I bagged a rhino last night bro.
by FD's January 12, 2006
an act developed in a boys lacrosse locker room that eventually lead to disturbances at a small town high school. to perform te rhino correctly you must be very sneak, approach your prey nimble and slow. trust a fist between tthe legs and lift up so that the taint sits properly on the fore-arm. If performed correctly the victim will be raised 6" to 2'.
I can't believe he rhinoed that chick at the mall!
by remotecontrol April 07, 2005
a totally bodacious ass
That girl from independence day in "I Love the 90's" has a serious Rhino
by Pier's subconscious January 20, 2005
stupid girl who can't keep her strappies up on the body of her braced faced self. she may come across as nice but later comments on the physical "flaws" of others because she clearly needs a mirror
That bitch i met at my friend's house is a rhino! Go back to jumanji whore~\!
by hotterthanu<3 August 27, 2004
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