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A Star Jones look-a-like, insecure little girl that thinks she's grown because she got pregnant by a stupid mothafucka who had a baby one month ago. Not woman enough to say SHIT directly to me because she don't want none! Think she won the prize but will find out, if she hasn't already, that she got a no good, woman beating faggot. She will find her man in the bed with a man just like her mother did. Now handle that bitch! You don't want none!
Rheana: Hey boo, I'm coming home early!
Boo: Wait a minute, my boyfriend is fucking me in my butt.

Rheana: Baby, I'm so hungry. I'm coming home to get something to eat early.
Boo: Wait a minute baby. My mouth is full. I'm still sucking dick. I'm having these babies so people won't know I'm gay. I am a faggot.
by Worst Nightmare14 June 05, 2011
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a girl who refuses to put up with other people's drama and bs..i'll kick ur ass if u touch stay the fuck away
elena died cuz she tried to steal rheana's boyfriend...her death was slow grusom and very painful...
by rhewis October 05, 2009
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