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Elena is another word for perfect.
The root of the word comes from ancient fairy world, where perfect beings were called ELENA not many of them survived throught time but some are still among us.
People wish that every fiber of their being was Elena.
by BARK April 04, 2005
Lovliest girl west (and east) of the Housatonic; luscious, delicious, delectable, gorgeous, hot, beautiful, wonderful, marvelous, intellectual, sweet, cute, adorable, amazing creation of feminine perfection
Sam's gorgeous gf who won't go out with me :'( cries :'(
by cryinthewilderness April 21, 2004

1. (n) similar to perfection, this girl embodies all that is good in the world. intellect, beauty, grace, elegance, and joy absolutely illuminate from her. truly perfection.

2. (n) a serene, pure, and pleasant female who can always put a smile on your face and warthm in your heart. with cute faint freckles, an adorable face, luscious lips, and an irresistable smile all rolled in to one girl, no other female can surpass her. she is everything.

see perfection, beauty, serenity.
I love my Elena. She is everything I want and everything i need.

She may not know it, but when Elena smiles, I melt inside everytime.
by undercoverlover December 20, 2005
Super Sweet and Sexy Girl, Real Fun to hang around with.
Elena is the Coolest person ever!
by Bryant June 15, 2004
Orgin: greek

meaning: light

And the coolest name ever.
That completely stunning and yet unique girl is named Elena.
by theplainjane April 29, 2005
A kind and thoughtful, as well as beautiful girl. The best person i have ever met.
Elena is wonderful.
by Besotted March 07, 2004
1the sweetest and most sincere girl i know. thank you for being yourelf, and for being all the other things everyone else has listed, because you embody all of them.

2agreed, "well buff".
aint no poopcrap
by fuzz April 29, 2004
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