1.) Something (a person, animal, object, or anything) that is abnormally larger or bigger in size compared to the things around it.

2.) Something that is just pretty damn huge.

Origin: Red October is line taken from the Family Guy: Blue Harvest episode when they make the "RED" joke where they make various references of "RED" things such as Big Red (chewing gum) then they make a reference to a submarine by the name of Red October. But as they showed the image of Red October there were multiple spacecraft flying beside it that seemed much more smaller than Red October itself thus making Red October stand out in the crowd as a large object.
Ian: If you look at that huge building next to all of those small buildings it doesn't look right..

Kevin: Thats a Red October. LoL!!

Ian: Lulz
by Thrio July 10, 2008
Named after the famous Russian submarine, Red Octobers are those once-in-a-lifetime turds that block the toilet. You can't flush them, you can't deal with them in the normal way. Toilet paper is a serious no-no with regards to Red Octobers as this merely increases the "gross" factor by twelve. If you see a Red October, the chances are that you'll need to call the emergency services.
"Mum! Can you call the Fire Bridgade, we've got a Red October here! I've tried the shower head but that doesn't work. Make sure they bring their bio-hazard suits this time!"
by Mr Ben February 07, 2005
When you partake in intercourse with a female during her menstrual period. When you pull out the member from the female it is covered in mense, at this time, she shove the member in the nose and skeet into her nazal passage.
My grandma came over and i asked her if i could give her a red october, she informed me that she has gone through menopause, but her daughter would be honered to recieve a red october from the worlds smallest cock.
by Hot Karl March 26, 2004
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