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Most precious and beautiful thing ever! the nicest person you'll ever meet, the most hilarious and fun person on earth!
wow, shes so razzy!

awe! thanks your so razzy.

haha shit yo you razzy!

by Cpt_Kirk January 30, 2009
When something is to hype or crazy.

Son, dat shortie is razzy! He gotta bod! He gotta PHAT BOOTY!
by MaiDizzle January 24, 2009
"The Razzies", which are also known as The Hollywood's Worst Movies Awards, are an awards show (Named after the "Raspberry" Tongue-Blowing Taunt) where the Worst Movies ever are rewared as being the Best of the Worst. Past winners have been Gigli, Hulk, Swept Away, and Wild Wild West.
"Catwoman" is looking to win the 2004 Razzie of the Year Award.
by G-Union 2 August 12, 2004
proper hawt girl. pretty rad. truely excellent name
i'm going to call my child razzy!
by razzatron April 29, 2007
Mocking term for Erasmus students (exchange students within the European Union for 1 or 2 semesters) as heard at University of Limerick, Ireland
Sinead: "See that guy? Check him out! He's soooo..."
Breda: "Oh, forget about it. He's one of the Razzies!"
Sinead: "?"
Breda: "He's here just for a semester."
by Yahoodka July 29, 2006
Adj. Messy. Disjointed. Something alone and ugly.
The woman’s long hair became razzy after sleeping.
by Nco November 15, 2003

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