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6 definitions by Krizztyle

the act of balancing any important business.
Been on my tightrope.
by Krizztyle May 30, 2011
when someone is acting crazy, or trippin.
this dude was varial flippin
by Krizztyle May 05, 2010
The Act of non originality- copying the current trend
A lot of artist in the business have resorted to cookie cuttin
by KrizZtyLe August 08, 2009
Any type of sunglasses that have a really dark lens so that the paparazzi won't be able to see the wearers eyes.
I love the way these Razzis look on me.
by Krizztyle June 08, 2010
when someone is only cute when yur intoxicated or high
aye forreal that chick was faded fine
by Krizztyle May 30, 2011
Consist of pills, marijuana, coke, ecstasy, lsd, shrooms, all layed out on a plate.
I got that candy dish if you wanna taste.
by Krizztyle May 20, 2010