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Someone stealing something from anyone or anything.
"Ay Bro...I was doin mad rawts the other day...snaked a Lap-Top outta some blokes car"

"Don't trust him around ya stuff man, He's a rawt ass"

"That dude tags the name RAWTZ coz he's a theif"

by -SKITZO- March 20, 2006
That sound that emits from Reptar's anus when he breaks wind. Also applicable to any flatus worthy of Reptar status.
Dude that was such a rawt
by pniscar January 09, 2012
is the complete and utter annihilation of the punanni region showing no mercy.
chick:i dont think u can zuben my life up

shifty stooge:bitch ill rawt ur mutt

chick:i love it when u talk dirty

shifty stooge:ill b rawting u soo hard peices of ur mutt b flying everywhere
by zubb September 02, 2008
sarah's attitude
sarah, shut it, rawt.
your such a rawt bastard.
go rawt.
you suck. Rawt you!
maybe, if you weren't so RAWT!
by quarrup October 20, 2003