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Someone stealing something from anyone or anything.
"Ay Bro...I was doin mad rawts the other day...snaked a Lap-Top outta some blokes car"

"Don't trust him around ya stuff man, He's a rawt ass"

"That dude tags the name RAWTZ coz he's a theif"

by -SKITZO- March 20, 2006
Generally a crime committed by a junky or someone in desperate need of cash

Purse Snatch, Theft of a womans wallet
"Should of seen Dave...the boys were chanting "snatcho-man" coz he was doin' so many purse snatch's"

"I'm tryna scrape up for hit mannn...gotta do a snatcho"

by -SKITZO- March 20, 2006
In desperation of a hit of T.H.C from the resin left in the stem of a bong...once the thick black stinky resin has been scraped...it is mixed with the tabbacco from old cigarette butts
"Man I'm hangin like a nutsack for a hit...but we got no hydro...guess we'll just have to scrape..got any ciggy butts for the mix?"

"This dude sraped a stem from his bong...waited for the resin to dry out...then sold it for hash...what a shifty cunt"
by -SKITZO- March 20, 2006
To break the glass of a car door using a small white piece of hard plastic broken off from a spark plug, breaking windows almost silently
Suspect 1 -"How we gonna break into this car man?"
Suspect 2 -"We'll do sparky jobs"
Suspect 1 -"Whats a Sparky job??"
Suspect 2 -"Just throw that spark plug onto the ground untill the white part breaks...then throw a small piece as hard as you can to shatter the glass...it's almost completely silent...then chip away the glass where the lock is"
by -SKITZO- March 21, 2006

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