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This means to be a sexy/fine ass girl. When you have a taya she has a nice shaped body.She is sweet,kind, and once i awhile has an attitude. She is a girl who is so funny and cool.
Man, I meet a girl last night she was a total taya.
by wat_up56 October 11, 2011
Taya is a girl who is beautiful on the inside and out but she'll never believe it. She's a true friend and can make anyone smile. She always try's to include everyone. Taya is a very social girl who will talk to everyone and is always smiling. If you find a Taya your lucky and should always keep them around.
You're jealous, my best friend is a Taya!
by JackieS September 19, 2013
A beautiful wonderful date. Loves tattoos and is usually seen sporting 'Thug Life' ink. A 2 Pac lover fo sure.
Yo i had this date with a total Taya, shit all these other ho's dont even compare.
by cbeoyqb May 25, 2009
A girl who you actually like to get on your nerves because that's what a best friend does. She's got your back and he's is hella nice. Gotta love a Taya because she won't love herself. She's amazing and awesome. She's perfect but never ever say otherwise. She ,ya be kind and gentle but if you make her feel bad it's not her wrath that gets you but your own guilt. Better than a Desi and is sometimes a hoe
I met this girl skating last night and she was a total Taya.
by ThatOneKIngJNJ July 19, 2016
A small funky god who medals with the affairs of humans, her symbol is the Orange/Yellow Jellyfish with either Purple or Blue Spots/Stripes. Forces Mortals to Fall in love with her Turd colored cat then breaks off the relationship with a large Knife, The knifes name is FeeShey. The knife is also Turd Colored.
#3-Oh no! a yellow and purple jellyfish! The turd colored knife of Taya is coming!
by A JELLYFISH June 23, 2011
A bimbo who enjoys russian concussions.
Yo, I busted in that girls ear last night, She was a total Taya.
by usdgf October 07, 2008
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