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This means to be a sexy/fine ass girl. When you have a taya she has a nice shaped body.She is sweet,kind, and once i awhile has an attitude. She is a girl who is so funny and cool.
Man, I meet a girl last night she was a total taya.
by wat_up56 October 11, 2011
Taya is a girl who is beautiful on the inside and out but she'll never believe it. She's a true friend and can make anyone smile. She always try's to include everyone. Taya is a very social girl who will talk to everyone and is always smiling. If you find a Taya your lucky and should always keep them around.
You're jealous, my best friend is a Taya!
by JackieS September 19, 2013
A beautiful wonderful date. Loves tattoos and is usually seen sporting 'Thug Life' ink. A 2 Pac lover fo sure.
Yo i had this date with a total Taya, shit all these other ho's dont even compare.
by cbeoyqb May 25, 2009
A small funky god who medals with the affairs of humans, her symbol is the Orange/Yellow Jellyfish with either Purple or Blue Spots/Stripes. Forces Mortals to Fall in love with her Turd colored cat then breaks off the relationship with a large Knife, The knifes name is FeeShey. The knife is also Turd Colored.
#3-Oh no! a yellow and purple jellyfish! The turd colored knife of Taya is coming!
by A JELLYFISH June 23, 2011
A bimbo who enjoys russian concussions.
Yo, I busted in that girls ear last night, She was a total Taya.
by usdgf October 07, 2008