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A beatiful, sexy and hot boy who every girl wants. He is the best person a girls could have. A kind, loving, caring, funny man who is strong, brave and intelligent.
He is such a raval, as he saved my life and killed the tiger. He is very handsom
#sexy #loving #caring #brave #strong #handsom
by RavalRevenge333 December 19, 2013
1. A sex object known for slugs.
Enjoys slug intercourse after rainy days and munching on a cheese sandwich right after a spot of chess.
2. A swelling of the rectum.
3. Slang for someone who obsesses with masterbation amongst females. Must cover themselves head to toe in chicken fat and smarties whilst dancing outside a veterinary clinic.

Jimmie: I caught a raval in my garden today.
Bob: Oh really? its early season for that.
Jimmie: Well, Ravalites can pounce on your garden slugs at any time of the year. I use deraveliser to get rid of them.
Bob: Oh I use that all the time. Those pesky Ravals.

Doctor: Looks like you have the Raval condition beneath your scrotum next to the anal area.
Adam: Will I be ok?
Doctor: Use deraveliser once a week to get rid.
Adam: Oh that pesky Raval.


Doctor: Oh dear, Looks like ravelistus is back.
Barbra: Shall we lock up the animals?
Doctor: I think thats best barb.
Barbra: That pesky Raval.
#raval #pesky #slugs #masterbation #rectum #chess #cheese sandwich
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