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To completely and utterly destroy the vaginal area through relentless pounding. Usually occurring after a night of repetitive Flaming Dr. Peppers.
Dustin: Dude, look at that girl over there!

Paul: Holy shit! She would get ravaged
by djpaul June 11, 2010
To get beat down, or to beat someone or something down. Humiliation or Complete domination. See also Owned or Beasted.
He just got royally beasted... looks like it had to hurt.
by William March 24, 2005
Usually occurring in women and sometimes in men, Ravaged is a condition that makes a man or women appear to be 10 or more years older then they actually are. The primary cause of this condition is chain-smoking cigarettes for any number of years. The person's appearance (usually in women) is characterized by premature wrinkles, dried skin, yellowing teeth and nails and a general look of bad health, as if stricken by a life draining plague. A Ravaged person is likely to light up within seconds if they're not already choking down a smoke. Ravaged people can often be witnessed huddled around an outdoor ashtray in sub-zero conditions, oblivious to the cold as they feed their addiction.
"Man, that chick is ugly before her years. Look at how tobacco has ravaged her utterly."
by iceman 69 December 29, 2009
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