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To grope someone's body in a vicious, wild, and kinky manner.
The boy moaned out as the girl ravaged him at random.
by Lain September 01, 2003
cunt licker a term that can be used in every situation of life. it is intended to be used as an insult but can also be another way of saying hey friend! cunt lickers are most oftenly horny bitches who get ass by licking chicks cunts. if you aren't a cunt licker already, you soon will be because some fat busted looking girl will say hey bitch let me spread my legs and you can lick my cunt!
Jes's boyfriend is a cunt licker because he licked her vagina and it was pretty skanky and hairy.
#vagina #wang sucker #dick #cock #labia
by lain June 12, 2006
Psaiyan (proper name): By definition, Psaiyan is ominously known as an entity on the internet, lacking in taste and variety.

Obsessions for such entity include: Rei Ayanami (Sexual), Asuka Soryu Langley (Snuff-related), Goatse.cx.

Psaiyan is found on many places, Shoujoai.com and 4Chan.net being his most common places of venture. Psaiyan is an infamous 'person' who resides on sick and obscure fetish'es.
by Lain February 07, 2004
The act of going around to different dance clubs.
Alice and her girls went clubbing from the Solar dance club to Cyberia.
by Lain September 01, 2003
A slave creature from another world that was destroyed, often used in the Charlie and the Chocolat Factory as workers.
Mommy I want this Umpa Lumpa and I want it NOW!
by Lain April 18, 2004
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