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To be very, very, very drunk. Intoxicated to the point of no return. When a said person is "rat fucked", common aftermath includes sever headache, embarrassing flashbacks and an inability to remember anything from the period that the said individual was "rat fucked".
Geez man, I got rat fucked last night.
Tonight, we're gonna get rat fucked!
Dude, I hooked up with that girl,but she was rat fucked.
I'm not going out with your mates, all they do is get rat fucked.
by pointblanc April 17, 2011
To search through said container and only take what one wants taking the good stuff and leaving the leftovers for others.
jeez! This liquor cabinet has been rat fucked to hell. Now there is nothing good left to drink.
by cakdaddy 8==D March 03, 2009
To get fucked hard out of something.
Hit, shot, slapped, beat.
That guy got rat fucked.
You gotta be rat fuckin' me.
by Andy Munson February 26, 2004
To intentionally interfere with another's process, practice, method, or effort to accomplish some specific goal. The use of this is tied to Stanford University and its Comp Sci department as part of their interaction with Military and Intel people. In Stanford Lingo to RF someone is to stomp them into the dirt - make their effort worthless and to intentionally discredit them in the public. Stanford members are famous as well for RF'ing any number of people.
we Rat Fucked (Rf'd) him pretty well.
by 99-202 April 25, 2015
To be searched aggressively and thoroughly.
Man, Sarge really rat fucked O'Conner's bunk looking for that booze.
by pfc thomas July 22, 2005
so unbelievably drunk that you actually lose the ability to open both eyes at just hurts to much!!!!
"dude, whats wrong with that guy?"
"its ok he's just ratfucked"
by dude_sweeter March 04, 2005

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