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An acronym for the phrase: "Rat In My Poes" which is used to describe how seriously drunk/intoxicated an individual is/was.
The word poes is a common slang term used in South Africa derived from the Afrikaans language meaning: cunt/vagina/pussy.
Jeez bro, I got so RIMP last night.
Wow, those chicks are RIMP!
Dude, how fucking RIMP were you after those drinks we had!
by pointblanc April 16, 2011
To be very, very, very drunk. Intoxicated to the point of no return. When a said person is "rat fucked", common aftermath includes sever headache, embarrassing flashbacks and an inability to remember anything from the period that the said individual was "rat fucked".
Geez man, I got rat fucked last night.
Tonight, we're gonna get rat fucked!
Dude, I hooked up with that girl,but she was rat fucked.
I'm not going out with your mates, all they do is get rat fucked.
by pointblanc April 17, 2011
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