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1. Slang. To rifle through something taking the one special part out of it leaving the dregs behind.

1940's era US Military, most likely the Army.

Related Forms
rat fucker, noun
1.We caught that fat profile bitch that stayed back in the tents rat fucking all the MRE's for the fatty cakes and candies!

2. Damn! My dad rat fucked all the cashews out of the mixed nuts again!
by dbldragons August 28, 2010
Military related term referring to sex in a field environment, usually only resorted to in desperation due to the dirty field condition of said pussy.
Joe 1: WTF man, youre like 20 minutes late replacing me for guard?????
Joe 2: Sorry dude, was gettin some tent pussy......
Joe 1: THOUGHT I smelled SPC Joyce.... its all good.

LOL, they caught a couple gettin tent pussy in the dumpster at AIT
by dbldragons December 19, 2010
Military Occupational Specialty 69H (Hotel) referring specifically to individuals that specialize in providing sexual relations (tent pussy) to other soldiers in a field environment. Also known as Field Whores.
I didn't know SPC Joyce changed her MOS to 69H, what a ho-bag for not tellin me!

SGT Carter thinks shes sum highclass 69H chargin $20 each just for some noggin!
by dbldragons December 19, 2010
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