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Not very usual name, given by the gods. Meaning cool,awesome,charming,very funny,beatyfull,hot,reliable, pussy-magnet with a good personality.
by theblackgoat February 03, 2010
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A Rasmus is a small furry nocturnal creature that's a cross between a koala, sloath and has large eyes like a bush baby. Rasmus or 'The Rasmus' as their known in plural, live on a diet of plants and leaves. These creatures are mostly found in woodland areas.
"My garbage was ripped open last night by The Rasmus."
by Bruja May 06, 2004
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Creators of the music of angels, this Finnish band's tunes are as hypnotizing as the rushing sounds of the Niagara Falls, as powerful as the rising sun revealing a new day, and as beautiful as the Northern Lights themselves. The band sounds awesome, and all members are...Hmm,how can I put it...Leaders of their own style, outcasts that are loved what for they are, and best of all: As original as can be.
+SWEET,BEAUTIFUL,ORIGINAL+ (I could go on and on, but I would take forever.. =D )
I died in my dreams, what's that supposed to mean? Got lost in the fire. I died in my dreams, reaching out for your hand, my fatal desire...
by ezmii February 14, 2005
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They're an awesome band! the album absoulutely rocks and i definately don't regret spendin my last tenner on it! Anyone who hates them has absoulutely NO taste in music! So all in all they're brilliant but I do suppose they could be cuter-but hey who cares about that when they've got bags full of talent!
"Guilty woah guilty i feel so empty yeah empty you know how to make me feel"
by Liz October 16, 2004
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the best band ever, they rocks, are you listen dead letters???a greatest album, you should buy it, you won´t sorry.........THE RASMUS ROCKSSSSSS
Lauri Johanes Yölnen is the cutest guy, he is so damn sexy, gosh i want him
by roxana April 07, 2004
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1. HellOfAnAwesomeBand!
Any real fan knows that makes sense ;)
Whats the point in trying to write this when The Rasmus defy definition?! They are not heavy metal... and they are certainly NOT pop! Yup, they are unique and most narrowminded, so-called fans of music can't accept new music and so they are generally hated. Their loss.

2. HellOfATalentedBand!
Yep... Pauli (guitarist) won best director of the Year in his native Emma awards for his work with the Dynasty Group (ie. The Rasmus, Killer, Kwan)... and Lauri (singer) won best composer.

3. HellOfARockingBand!
And they sound awesome live! Never felt such energy :)
Best Song: Used To Feel Before
Best Album: Playboys... no wait... HellOfATester! Umm... no... Into!

Can't Decide lol!
by chick_with_gun September 15, 2004
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well i think that the rasmus are really ace with how they do there music and my fav would have to be in the shadows yeah all i can say is that they are tons better than that pansie lot the darkness
rasmus rule!!!!!!!!!!
by angela June 28, 2004
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