well i think that the rasmus are really ace with how they do there music and my fav would have to be in the shadows yeah all i can say is that they are tons better than that pansie lot the darkness
rasmus rule!!!!!!!!!!
by angela June 28, 2004
Gods that sound nothing like HIM. only comparisons are the singers both wear eyeliner, come from finland and are very sexy :P
minky minky minky minky
by HIMinion August 02, 2004
a brilliant band, the best of all time. the lead singer is so hot. i want him.
i want him. his name is lauri. why oh why aren't you here lauri? i would look after you sooo much.
by ageliki varelis July 17, 2004
Bad. Just purely bad. You know how bad The Rasmus are, well that's how bad this word is. Not bad in a good way, bad in a baaaaaaaaaaaad way. Used to describe bad situations and feelings and other bad things. The Rasmus can be shortened to Ras.
After a mashed night out, I woke up and said "Man, I feel the Rasmus."

"That film was so bad."
"Yeah I know, it's the Rasmus."

"You can't cook at all, your chickens the Rasmus."

"You look proper Ras."
by Ellievation November 22, 2006
Aka.Hairy s*****y. She is a big fat slut who cant keep her skirt out of her knickers for one second when she walks.Is a liar who cant stick up for herself and has played the little miss inocent card for waaaaay too long!
Pettyness in basketball then lying about the facts
by sam June 19, 2004
We have pop-rock, we have pop-punk...and now, thanks to them, we have pop-goth. Finnish band that tries (keyword being TRIES) to model itself on HIM, who, by the way, are the best Finnish band that i know of.
Have crap lyrics b/c they do not fully understand the English Language yet.. would proberbly be better sung in Finnish.
'guiltttttyyyyy wooooaaahhhh'
'in my life, i decide, and it turns me on' .... WTF??????
by heehee July 30, 2004
Seriously SHITE band from Finland, they all need shooting and dismembered. Their mothers are all Belgians.
The SPAZMUS are shite!
by M.C Clart March 05, 2005
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