Finnish rock band who many people have labelled as 'art in music form' which is bizarre because I see nothing artistic about this band. All i see is a frontman with very stupid hair who looks as if he is suffering from an ongoing overdose of heroin, with a very irritating voice. and Lauri, the lead singer, has unfortunately created a swarm of teenage girls in the gothic sub-culture who say he is 'hot' because they want to try to be rebellious by claiming to have a soft spot for extremely weird men.
If you want to listen to music with a point, listen to Tom Waits, Nick Cave and Lou Reed. and for the user who said 'so-called music fans who don't like new stuff like the rasmus are hated', not everyone has to like new music, especially if it is a pile of crap.
by BadLieutenant November 06, 2004
The most annoying fucking band ever.
Dumbass:HEY! have you heard that one Rasmus? IN THE SHADOWS...OH OH
Me:Yeah they suck! I hate them! I hate you!
by Jearcy October 20, 2004
verb meaning to get fucked up the ass (not literally) know when you've been rasmus'd
2. what i wouldnt do to give that boy a good rasmus i tell you
by Nobby July 26, 2004
A shit copy of a shit band ( HIM ) al lthe little preteen kids clas them as goth and listen to them as thye want to be a goth....RASMUS ARNT GOTH....there pop shite
Listen to a proper goth metal band such as Nightwish, Within Temptation, Lullacry or Karma
by Mr Sinister November 12, 2004
A Finnish band that sounds like *Nsync attempting to go goth/punk/rock/emo after the latter band found out that pop wasn't cool anymore.

(Un)fortunately, they miserably fail at their attempt to "rawk".
*annoying boyband voice with uplifting fake-rock backbeat* Sooooommmetiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmess...

"In the shadows" is a god-awful song.
by Raven and Anne June 05, 2004

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