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thee best bitch n thee world. thee one who is talkative, creative, bomb. she goofy and can be an airhead at times. SHe is most compatable with guys whose names start with an H and end with a N. She is luvable but sometimes annoying. She will speek her mind even when you dont wnat 2 hear it. SHes everything a guy could want in a girl. She is unique no one word could describe her. Ariesss...but she can be vicious, if you give her a reason to fight she will. Ankha will always and foreva be ankha.
Elayna: heyy ankha
ANkha: heyy bitch
Elayna: ur myy bitch
Ankha: oo yaa...parkers myy bitch
Mildred: every1 luvs ANkha
Every1: IKR
by hsjdhjkhsd April 03, 2010

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