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An affliction that affects people and caused them to spit out random stuff that has nothing to do with the current conversation!
Two chicks on the exercise bikes at the gym;

Chick 1: Man, this new workout is really making me drop some serious poundage! Or maybe it’s the South Beach diet working its magic…

Chick 2: Oh really? Good for you…I still can’t see the difference on my ass yet…

Chick 1: Well I’m totally gonna hit Victoria’s Secret at the end of the month and surprise my boo with some sexy lingerie…

Chick 2 starts singing loudly: ‘All the Single Ladies! All the Single Ladies!’

Chick 1: WTF was that? Can you please stay on topic...

Chick 2: Sorry dude…that was like total randomitis!

by lady lynxx April 01, 2009
A fictional disease that can be used as a reason for doing something inexplicably stupid,and well,random.
Adam:Dude!Why did you smear that sour cream all over the couch?
Rex:Oh,just got me a case of the randomitis
by Caoimhe8168 July 09, 2009