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A lintlike substance found in one's bellybutton
I have been plagued with froom ever since the third grade.
by sheila in the car November 02, 2007
a word that cool people use to mean "bathroom"
i gotta go to the froom reeeal bad!
by m a h March 07, 2007
also spelled frum or fah’room, depending on geography and culture; meaning one who is overly large and desires to be your roommate. Froom also tends to be self-absorbed and has a certain musk to him or her. One should be advised not to room with the Froom because there tends to be dire consequences, including listening to atrocious music, watching horrid television shows, and being overcome with the urgency to move out.
Person #1: What were you talking to Froom about?

Person #2: Oh man, she was complaining about how her roommate said she made too much noise.
by the_chosen_ones November 30, 2009
n. IPA /frum/, fr. English "bathroom" c. 20th century A university of Chicago slang term for bathroom.
I just drank five beers, but I dont want to use the froom in alpha del, that shit be madd drrrrty.

This dude in da froom was actin all fresh wit me, he was all up in my grill bout deez new air force ones.

The laxatives I am on for my colonoscopy tomorrow had me in the froom all morning.
by ellenjessibrigit March 06, 2007
when people who can't type spell "froom" instead of "room"
So... I walked into my parents froom, when I witnessed sexual attraction for the first time.
by keepinghorizon October 17, 2004

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