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Someone who is smooth with the ladies.
'Awh that guy is guy is so randle'

'Im gonna go see if i can randle those ladies at the bar ! '
by beardedfemenist April 28, 2010
(verb) To randle. To randle something is to try and influence a turn of events in your favor, usually not very subtlely. To try and gain something that would most likely never have been yours.
"Damn brotha we out of concert tickets, there isn't a spot for you."

"It's cool, I'll randle myself in there somehow. Probably sneak in."

"You muthaFUCKIN' randler."
by Bucksauce January 04, 2009
Verb: to distract other people from their work with banter.
'Stop Randling me'
'Don't let him/her Randle you'
by SMHR July 04, 2013
Randle has two common uses:

a. Randle (a.k.a. rail) as used when playing skate 2 or actually skateboarding for those who are good enough.

b. Randle (also meaning rail) but referring to women, and/or what you may do to these women.
a. "Dude fakie nose blunted that randle!"

b. "Yo check out the heiney on her I'm gonna go randle her so hard"
by JuniorBaconCheeseBelly July 12, 2010
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