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3 definitions by JuniorBaconCheeseBelly

a half man half wolf who battles vampires and tries to get with underage girls all the while he secretly is masterbating to his memory of Edward with no shirt on.
Dude you know that guy from twilight?

Who Jacob?

Yah he is such a Dirty Jacob! I even cought him fondling my nutsack last night.
by JuniorBaconCheeseBelly July 12, 2010
Randle has two common uses:

a. Randle (a.k.a. rail) as used when playing skate 2 or actually skateboarding for those who are good enough.

b. Randle (also meaning rail) but referring to women, and/or what you may do to these women.
a. "Dude fakie nose blunted that randle!"

b. "Yo check out the heiney on her I'm gonna go randle her so hard"
by JuniorBaconCheeseBelly July 12, 2010
the fart resulting from intense fist knuckle action. The fart's intensity and smell is equal to the depth and size of the knuckles.
a. wow his hands were so big, i got some gnarly fart knuckles.

b.guy: dude did you just fart knuckle?

other guy: yes, yes i did.

guy:smells like he knew what he was doing.
by JuniorBaconCheeseBelly July 12, 2010