A person who is wise, strong, dashing in a scruffy way, and usually uses one or two-word answers.

May even have long, flowing hair, and live in a forest while perpetually being stuck in some airport.
That man is has captured my heart with his home, situated near greenery, and his calm, yet knowing demeanor. He's probably a Rand.
by QBN November 08, 2007
Someone who is random
"What a Rand!"
by Jester94 August 11, 2009
Derived from 'random', 'randomer'.

To describe an individual with whom you are unfamiliar with:
'Who is that rands?'

Additionally, to voice displeasure at the actions of another:
'Stop being such a rands'.

Furthermore, 'rands' can be often combined with other words: for example 'silly rands' and 'randy rands', for added effect.
Don't be a pansy and come to the public house you rands!
by Rands101 June 27, 2011
n. A woman who "loves 'em and leaves 'em"
"She's such a rand!"
"He shouldn't even try dating her; she's a rand."
by Éowyn Altariel November 24, 2012
A Hindi / Urdu word short for "Randi" or prostitute. This has more of an effect that the original word "Randi" as it translates to 'prostitute' where as "Rand" translates to the the more crass 'fuckin ho' or 'whore'

Pronounced "Rah-nd"
Did you see that dirty rand walk by? She looks like she just took it up the ass...
by Gaurang P June 05, 2006
Someone or something that is unimportant or not good.
I left the show early, I didn't feel like watching any of those rand bands.
by iRenny July 02, 2009
1. being wet or soppy; moist
2. vile moistness
3. rotten meat
4. the action of making wet, moistening; to rand, randing, randed

Her hair was very rand today.
Someone threw a chunk of rand at my face last night.
I think I may have randed my pants.
by K^2 Golden God January 27, 2008

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