When someone see's someone attractive; good-looking
I think that female across the room is very firey
by Super Oober March 20, 2008
Misspelling of Fiery. Appears in the facebook group "shoulders of firey vengeance" and also at the end of many youtube videos made by rocknrollrocksout. Was originally a misspelling in this case but was kept for humour.
"My favorite Facebook group is Shoulders of Firey Vengeance"
"That is one firey hot salsa"
by rocknrollrocksout August 15, 2012
firey (adj)-

1. highly pleasing to the senses, esp.pertaining to mexican food.

2. of an extreme kind; very great, as in strength, dankness, and smokability.

3. having skill; trained or experienced, usually in more insignificant feats such as rolling blunts, or playing super smash brothers.
yo, those mini eggrolls are fuckin firey.
by Marty Peterson April 28, 2008
It means some really really good pot. wheelchair weed, one hitter quiter, whatever you wanna call it. Its Fire.
Dude, i got some firey ass bud last night.
by blazed December 03, 2004
Someone who uses hacks and likes men. (See also homosexual)
"Firey seems to be doing good today."
by Anonymous April 06, 2003
Australian slang for Firefighter
The firey came to put out the fire
by OZf1re January 01, 2016
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