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Ramshaft: The act of knowing something bad is going to happen. Or the act of something bad happening. this word can be used in the past or present tense. It can also mean the act of getting caught hiding something and getting in a lot of trouble afterwards.

Can also be co-worded with the word "Brazilian", creating the world "Brazilian Ramshaft, however this word can only be used with in sporting events, especially soccer.
"Tuesday: "I smell a ramshaft"
Wednesday: "Ohh man, my car just got broken into...I KNEW I SMELT A RAMHSAFT!"

AHH CRAP! I'm going to get ramshafted by my parents when i get home because my report card sucks!

"90th minute of a soccer game in the dying seconds and the game is tied, referee blows the whistle for a penalty shot for the opposing team and they score, making the score 3-2 for them, and forcing them to win the game, when your team was so close to victory."--- anything that is similar to this type of situation is called a BRAZILIAN RAMSHAFT

The Brazilian Ramshaft can also mean getting constantly foweld in the game of soccer where no matter what happens, you are going to get hurt and be in a mass amount of pain when it's all over, Soccer players can sometimes tell when they are about to get Brazilian ramshafted, but most of the time, it comes unexpected and hits them harder than a bull in a china shop!

Smelling a Ramshaft, AKA, knowing something bad is going to happen, or not going the way you planed, causing the most extreme problems in the future.
by Italian_Hugo July 25, 2010
The act of completely wrecking or owning someone or thing. Can also mean to brutally rape.
That guy just got ramshafted
by jabba_jabba January 14, 2010
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