The only thing better than women.

Joe: Hey, I got some dates hooked up for us tonight. You in?

Bob: Nah, I'm gonna stay here and have some Ramen and watch the game.

Joe: Hmm, yeah I'll join you. Those dates can wait.

Bob: Hell's yeah, Ramen kicks ass!
by whats-a-pseudonym? January 31, 2009
1. Something to explode your kidneys.

2. A delicious meal.

3. Food.
I love ramen.
by Cutecookie231410 May 18, 2014
Something am Atheist would say because they obviously can't say "Amen" because that's in relation to Christianity and Islam and everything else Atheists don't believe in. Generally used when an Atheist makes a good argument in a debate.
"God isn't real, it makes no sense"
by David Daunt April 12, 2014
The best food ever made on the face of any planet. Ever.
Gotta have mah ramen!
by N00berson mcgee November 27, 2010
delicious noodles that are insanely cheap and incredibly filling. the pronunciation varies among people: rah-men, ram-men, ray-men etc. The correct way to say it is ram-men.
Heather: Oh man i want some delicious ramen noodles with soy sauce!
Erin: Or we could have some rah-men with vinegar and hot sauce!
Heather: You pronounced it wrong, but I forgive you because this stuff is delicious.
by Flipping Awesome December 29, 2010
A package of noodles coming in a variety of flavors.

Pronounced as "ray-men".
Not to be confused with "raw-man".
"Hey man, wanna cook me some ramen?"
"Yeah, How about chicken flavoured?"
by Mr. RamenNoodles February 08, 2010
Acronym :Rancid Acidic Magnesiate Edible Non-biological.

Needless to say its delicious, and the only thing keeping the teenage population of the U.S. of A alive.
Everybody loves Ramen.
by Seph Infinitium April 25, 2009

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