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as in Wallhack

A first-person-shooter cheats which enables a player to see through walls
When someone frags you through a wall with a headshot he's probably wallhacking, WH
by Galatan February 16, 2004
Abbreviation of "What". Usually conveys more bemusement and seriousness than "What", "Waht", "Wut" and "Wat"
person: I ate 3 cupcakes and I am still hungry
other person: wh
by imgonnapopsometags February 04, 2014
WH = While high

I went to eat at Mcdonalds WH.
Playing video WH is awesome.

I aced my test WH.
by 0fficial March 27, 2009
Woman Haters

The term is applicable in all contexts and formalities. Any man can be a WH, and it is highly advised--because you will get fucked sooner or later--whether it be Hilary Clinton or your own woman.

Woman Haters is the first short subject starring American slapstick comedy team the Three Stooges. WH was the abbreviation of the club name that the Stooges joined in this short. The trio made a total of 190 shorts for Columbia Pictures between 1934 and 1959.
Enlightened male - "Hey dude, I'm a WH now."
WH Member - "Good for you. Good for you."
by ScrewWomansSuffrage January 09, 2011
To describe when a person is acting (in the stereotypical sense) like a white person
Look at that man, he's so WH!
by BLV1.0 November 22, 2007
1. Sound made with yout throat
2. When combined with the hand action (covering mouth then removing only the fingers as the sound is made) shows a disrespect for authority.
when the teacher talked to Mr. Smith he covered his mouth and said "wwwwwwhh"
by Andrew November 30, 2003
a p2p user who likes getting high and hates es5
lamer: i love es5 it is the best app in the world
WH: you sir are a fucking moron es5 sux
by WH June 04, 2004

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