The cheapest form of food known to mankind, at 10 cents a package.
I only have $5 until the end of the month, but I won't starve, because of ramen.
by d-boss February 01, 2010
Pronounced with accent on 2nd syllable.

Used as a substitute for "amen" by those who wish to avoid religious expressions.
"Religulous" is the best movie of 2008.

Ramen, brother, ramen.
by UrbanElvis January 02, 2009
Extremely lovable and charming individual. He is also very intelligent and possesses a magnetic personality. He can be very easy to love and adore. Most of the time this person is extremely physically attractive.
"Be careful with that guy. You might fall in love. He's a complete ra'men"
by Hathor&Him September 05, 2011
The meal between dinner and breakfast. Usually happening around 3am.
Dude! I can totally go for Ramen now... I'm down
by kobs11 September 17, 2010
A race that is not your own, alien. As found in Speaker of the Dead in the Enderverse of Orson Scott Card.
If I'm not human, what am I?

Ramen, obviously, read a book.
by TheSpeaker271 August 07, 2010
The feast of a college student.
Hey what you have for dinner last night

Just some Ramen cuz I'm fuckin poor
by spaghettiyolo February 05, 2014
A woman/man, at the end of the night that you take home with no other options.
Man, I really wish that I could get laid tonight..

Well, there's that girl over there, but she's definetely ramen..
by Jhouse49 February 04, 2015
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