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mankind's last and most effective line of survival...
Dude 1: dude im frigin starving!
Dude 2: i got some ramen...ya want some?
Dude 1: (falling to his knees) My lord...would you be so gracious as to feed me the feast of kings?
Dude 2: uhhh sure...
by J-elite April 13, 2010
Real ramen is a Japanese noodle soup dish that actually originated in China. Not the dried fat-soaked bricks of instant three-minute noodles floating in dilute sodium that we eat in North America.
There is a ramen museum in Yokohama.
by Rushgirl April 04, 2010
Pronounced with accent on 2nd syllable.

Used as a substitute for "amen" by those who wish to avoid religious expressions.
"Religulous" is the best movie of 2008.

Ramen, brother, ramen.
by UrbanElvis January 02, 2009
The meal between dinner and breakfast. Usually happening around 3am.
Dude! I can totally go for Ramen now... I'm down
by kobs11 September 17, 2010
The feast of a college student.
Hey what you have for dinner last night

Just some Ramen cuz I'm fuckin poor
by spaghettiyolo February 05, 2014
A race that is not your own, alien. As found in Speaker of the Dead in the Enderverse of Orson Scott Card.
If I'm not human, what am I?

Ramen, obviously, read a book.
by TheSpeaker271 August 07, 2010
The only thing better than women.

Joe: Hey, I got some dates hooked up for us tonight. You in?

Bob: Nah, I'm gonna stay here and have some Ramen and watch the game.

Joe: Hmm, yeah I'll join you. Those dates can wait.

Bob: Hell's yeah, Ramen kicks ass!
by whats-a-pseudonym? January 31, 2009