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A group of people who have used basic phishing skills to steal passwords of moderators on the website Newgrounds. Both parties involved, the phishers and the phished, are idiots.
I'm a hardass and the Duck Division is evil.
by Kyothine July 15, 2009
The Windows edition after Windows Vista. It is much better than Vista, especially because of the massive surge of Windows 7 Beta downloads that surpassed the sales of Windows Vista 7 weeks after Vista's release. Many anti-Microsoft users are hesitant because of Vista's flaws, and some even criticize 7 without even trying the Release Candidate version.

Windows 7 uses less system resources than Vista, and it has an improved GUI. It also has many new features, like ribbons added onto Paint and Notepad, and a calculator that is actually usable at a level of math above Pre-Algebra. Networking will also be easier with the addition of libraries, which are folders that can house multiple files all over your computer in one area.
1: Microsoft sucks! Look at all their products that stink! Vista, Bing, the Zune, and Windows 7 are all terrible!
2: Have you even tried any of those products?
1: ...Err. No...
by Kyothine August 17, 2009
Commonly used on internet forums, "shit sucks" is short for "This shit fucking sucks", meaning "This situation is horrible."
I got run over by a car. Shit sucks.

I got the flu the day before graduation. Shit sucks.

My girlfriend dumped me after I bought her an expensive gift. Shit sucks.

I realized that I was wearing only my underwear at the interview. Needless to say, shit sucks.
by Kyothine June 09, 2009
1. A noodle dish of Asian origin, served with salty broth, meat, and other stuff.
3. A slang word for instant noodles, said usually by weeaboos who have no idea what they're talking about.
1. This ramen is pretty good. I like how they stretch a single block of dough before boiling it and adding the meat.
by Kyothine May 28, 2009
A comeback used as a defense by insecure morons when confronted with criticism. Usually something to the like of "Let's see you do better!" or "I'd like to see YOU try!" Everyone's heard it before.
Customer: This food is terrible!
Cook: Hey, let's see you do better! double standard defense used here
Customer: Fuck off, I can criticize even if I can't do the same!

Animator: This animation is really bad. Why would you make it in MS Paint and Movie Maker?
Fanimator: Hey, let's see you do better! double standard defense
Animator: Ok. (uploads video)
Fanimator: uhh...crap I'm a moron.

Audiophile: Wow, modern rap is the worst thing ever.
Rap listener: Hey, let's see you rap better! double standard defense
Audiophile: No.
Rap listener: Oh. Ok.
by Kyothine June 17, 2009
A contraction of the words "shut" and "up." Pronounced "Shuh-up!" Usually said by short chubby women or especially bitchy people.
"Nuh-uh boi, you can't say dat!"
"But I wasn't saying any-"
by Kyothine April 22, 2009
An objective speaker of the truth. They are commonly seen as low-lifes due to the negative image painted of them by haters. In actuality, most critics are intellectual underdogs.
Artist: Well?
Critic: It's pretty good, though your proportion is slightly off.
Artisti: Hmm, you have a point.

Snobby Artist: Well?
Critic: It's pretty good, though your proportion is slightly off.
Snobby Artist: Oh, as if YOU could do better. Pshaw. I'm gonna go drink tea and listen to Beethoven with my friends. Ta-ta!
by Kyothine December 19, 2009

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