Slang used by members of the Masonic Youth referring to either the organization, or members of the International Order of Rainbow for Girls (also Rainbow Girls)
Girl 1: I'm a Rainbow!
Girl 2: You're a what?
Girl 1: I am a member of this awesome youth group, Rainbow Girls!
by Illuminati_princess January 14, 2015
1) A spectrum of light usually seen after a rain storm.

2) Symbol for lgbt community.

3) Some bitchy girl who likes to hug people.
1) Double rainbow all the way across the sky... yeah, yeeaah, so intense!

2) Support gays, because we're awesome like rainbows!
(Or, alternatively, be a Christian redneck and don't.)

by Hysterhex October 21, 2011
A spectacular soccer move: you get the ball past an opposing player by kicking the ball behind your back in an upward forward arc, sending the ball over your head and that of the opposing player. Can be both a noun and a verb.
Did you see me rainbow that guy?

That was an incredible rainbow you just did! Where did you learn how to do that?
by Sdp324 November 13, 2011
Masonic group for Girls that teachs the same life skills as Demolay.
See Demolay and switch guy with girl and crap like that
by Chev Guy March 11, 2004
Rainbow (aka "Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow" and "Blackmore's Rainbow") were a rock band, you bunch of sick fucks, degenerates and homophobes!
Guy #1: Ronnie Dio was Rainbow's best lead singer
Guy #2: No, Joe Lynn Turner was the best!
Guy #3: No, Doogie White was the greatest Rainbow singer!

*Everybody in the room, with blank expressions*: "Doogie who?"
by Dont you know I'm the King? October 29, 2005
the ring of lipstick left on a cock after oral sex
by harden goode July 06, 2011
Allegedly made of happy thoughts, dreams, chocolate unicorns, gumdrops, licorice sunsets, fuzzy gumdrop bears, and chocolate-covered gumdrop lands.
Meatwad: "You don't need a machine to make a rainbow"
by GarthAlgar2598 May 17, 2008

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