50 dollar sandals that last longer than others, because the dude who made them was tired of seeing cheap sandals littering the oceans because they wear out so fast. they are either composed of a leather or hemp (your choice)and in different colors (dark brown, light brown, black, etc) and have either thin straps or thick straps. they come in single, double, and even triple layers. Are often affiliated with rich people who can afford them.
Made in California.
Hey did you see Rachel's new Rainbows at the beach the other day?

Yeah, those things are going to last so long. I bet she's going to wear them everywhere.
by kayla4444 July 10, 2008
A brand of leather flip flops, usually in brown. They are made with a special material so that the wearer's foot molds to it, but unfortunately creates an unattractive footprint (with all the toes).

Rainbows usually cost about $40-50 because of the quality and the brand name. I like to think of them as the Uggs of flip flops.
Reasonably rich person: In the summer, I wear my Rainbows. In the winter, I wear my Uggs.

Other person: Hmm, you have a footprint on your flip flops.

Reasonably rich person: They're not JUST flip flops, they're Rainbows!
by ncl11 September 19, 2009
If something is rainbow, it is something really good and sweet and fun, and a bit silly.

Rainbows are possibly ninjas in disguise.
It is also said that they may be covered in giant invisible cloaks.
dancing in the rain is rainbow.
It is rainbow to sing aloud even if it sounds horrible.
It is rainbow to being awake at 3 PM and writing about rainbows.
by Cecilie_is_silly September 13, 2007
Someone who is bi-sexual. They aren't sure if they are gay or a lesbian a not so instead of feeling like a rainbow they feel like a rainbow?
Bob: John are you gay?


Bob:Oh i see how it is
by joeytheleo December 25, 2010
slang word used to indicate a police officer in the area of where the officer can overhear you. rainbow is being used because when cops turn their lights off its a bunch of colors. and its better off the officer dosnt hear you talking about him like oh my god its the fucking police!
Hey dude look a rainbow!
by gummywormz November 23, 2008
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