The ability to recount numerous stories on BBG chat at will that other people have long since forgotten about. Sometimes verging on higher level.
13:58:51 Joe Bloggs : What are you upto this weekend?
13:58:51 Rain Man: 08:32 Joe Bloggs : What are you upto this weekend?
by Special DK January 11, 2011
Someone who is trying to make a business selling a shady and questionable service or product. He gets some good rep if it happens to work. If it does not do jack, he's got your cash.
''Yo bro this guy has a diet pill that can make me lose 50 lbs in a week, son. I'm totally buying it!''

-''Sounds like a rain man to me. He'll bounce after he grabs your cash.''

-''You just jealous, man."
by SunDun February 27, 2010
To throw a fit, making noises and slapping ones self about the head.
If they don't have my food done soon, I'm gonna go all rain man on their ass.
by iluvmako December 28, 2010
to go off on a tangent

come out with a load of crap

to talk gibberish or talk about something and makes no sense which is not relevant to that conversation

There will be complete silence then someone will make a random / bizarre statement out of the blue
***complete silence***(on warm sunny day)

Rain Man: I love rain drops
by HoochieGirl June 30, 2005
Rain Man is eminem's new name.
My new name is....(drops out beat, speaks softly) rain man
by anapplemacphreak March 13, 2005
ahhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhh ehhhhhhhhh ehhhhhhhhhhh ehhhhhhhhhhhh. (see eh eh eh)
rainman hits hit head.
by chris February 23, 2005
Rainmen are chinese nerds who lie about everything to make theirselfs sound "cool" over the internet. All Rainmen does it play video games. He poses off of whatever you do so you think he is cool.
Hey Ben, look over there it's rainman! *points to a chinese nerd*
by Tyrone Washington October 06, 2004

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