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The act of female cumming, or squirting
Jake- Dude she did the rain dance for me.

Jeff- Dude that's sweet!
by Jdude1234 February 06, 2014
A dance done by a stripper that is so provocative, amazing, and/or unbelievable that you will want to throw all of your money in the air as if to "make it rain" on her.
The stripper at the boom boom room last night was doing such a good rain dance that i tossed 300 singles on her in the first minute i was there.
by Mitch E. January 24, 2008
This is when you and your friends are checking out girls and when you find one you are attracted to you yell out "rain dance" stating that you would cum all over her.
Javi, you see that girl over there coming out of the security line?

Ooo, definite rain dance bro, maybe even a double rain dance!!!
by Milooo February 23, 2009
One of the most uneventful moves for a water Pokémon you can use. It boosts the performance of water-type moves, and also just informs you that it's raining for a few turns. It is the opposite of the SunnyDay move.

(It begins to rain. A turn passes)

Rain continues to fall.
by ASH KETCHUM used RainDance! November 28, 2009
A British rave festival held at SEone underneath the arches of London Bridge. The longest running and largest indoor rave festival in the world, it lasts for 9 hours and represents the largest styles of rave music- D&B, Old Skool, House, Hardcore and the future of the rave scene, Breaks.
Tickets are around £17 pound and it's held roughly every 3 months. You can buy tickets online or at various record shops and outlets across London.
Don't worry about ID-they don't give a fuck how old you are.
Everything rave-related is available to buy, but you will definately be able to pick it up cheaper outside with the exception of the Laughing Gas.
You do not have to drop to enjoy raindancebut you will find it hard to last the distance without some kind of stimulant. Good pills are readily available for around £5 each inside but obviously picking up yourself is a better idea.
Drinks are typically expensive- purchase the 'balloons' of NO2 for sale inside for a short but absolutely mental headrush.
Wear loose clothes and trainers- BRING CHEWING GUM. This is sold for around £2 pound inside.
Anyone who likes to dance will love it.
Raindance- for those that know.
Are you going to Raindance?
by Tom B March 05, 2005
Phrase used while heaving up ridiculously inaccurate basketball shots. Can also be utilized during any unnecessary activity such as epic poof battles or reckless jaywalking. Can be used in accordance with the terms ‘count it,’ ‘jigglypoof,’ and ‘fagboy.’
Pick and roll! Pick and roll!
Outlet! Outlet! Rain dance!!!!
by John Bassett December 12, 2006
the act of sticking your wang out of your pants in the middle of a dance floor, then proceeding to spin around and pee all over the other people.
"oh no, what is he doing?"
"ugh hes doin a rain dance"
"that dudes got some major balls for doing that
by Arto Glifberg May 05, 2007
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