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A beautiful girl who has the most amazing eyes one has ever seen. She is a good friend, and amazing girlfriend. She has many friends and many boys like her. She's a good hugger and even better kisser. And a nice fat booty.
"I saw Raha today, and i got a boner."
by CoolChicks43 August 23, 2009
An awesome subsitute name for Rachel. Used in a very loving manner.
(upon seeing Rachel for the first time in a week) the boy exclaimed "Raha!!!! I missed you!!!"
by riceracm February 13, 2008
OC Locc from 60s crips

Lead artist in the Rollin' Raha's ( Check Limewire )
"Did you see Raha's dick? They call it cock-a-saurus rex"
by Sterno-Claydo-Mastoid May 24, 2009
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