Used inside inner cities in Britain, its literal translation is "really" there is controversy as to how it is spelled, usually "rah" or "ra".
"Bruv, I rah just got rushed in Hansworth"
"Got these treads for £20"
by Translat0r July 02, 2015
random as hell
friend: i like eggs

you: rah
by andreo360 November 02, 2011
RAH: Real Ass Homie
That Henry is So RAH!

I wash i was as RAh as Henry!

Why is Linda Leaving when Henry and Ruben are so RAh?
by RAhenry May 15, 2013
Rah is the nick name of a girl named Sarah

Rah is more than just any Sarah though, she is a wonderful friend to have and an inspiration to anyone who gets the glory of meeting her. Rah is more than a best friend, she is a sister without the family anger and irritation involved. She is someone who is your equal, but equally great.

Rah is a form of celebration in hard times as well as a remark of anger.
"I love you, Rah Hamid !"

"My best friend? Pfft, she is not my best friend, she is my Rah."

"RAH, Who flooded the toilet?!"
by AmBerTaj September 10, 2012
Formal greeting, can also be used in a lull of conversation to provoke a conversation about the meaning of the word "Rah"!
Silence.................."Rah"...................."Wts that mean then?!", "well," (etc)
by Rach May 14, 2004
a primitive sound used in modern day, only less primitive.
to express anger, frustration, or joy and excitement, etc.
Tom: Dude! I got a new shirt today!
John: Wow! Thats pretty fucking rah dude!
by ricker November 20, 2006
an sound made when something is cool or exciting.

originated with oi punx in new orleans and is not used by many
"hey man i just score a fat sack of weed"

"rah-ha-ha,fuckin riot!"
by brian October 02, 2004

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