Rah - Cheap date for the night
has a fondness for taking guys behind public places for sexual contact. . . . Mainly supermarkets and fast food restaurants

Local to Leeds
went out in Leeds last night n took a right RAH bird back to the carpark behind Sainsburys
by Monkey_DCCCVI March 16, 2008
Someone who has a particular stench, likes to shop, and acts particularly odd. They do not realize that soap exists, hence the stink lines that gleam from their bodies ~~~~~~~
Rah thought that a microwave could heat AND cool things!

I smell a toot... Rah, was that you?

My nose is catching a whiff of a dead animal. Wait, Rah walked through here earlier.
by Muhabi July 22, 2006
1. harsh
2. with attitude
3. short-tempered as relating to attitude and expression
4. pumped up
Why are you acting so rah today?
It must be that time of month she is really being rah!
This is making me feel rah
by R. G. Smith May 02, 2006
This means 1.that time when you are arguing with someone, or 2.if they are trying to argue with you, or 3.if you are trying to argue with them.
1. "Can I call you back later? We're all rah right now."

2. "Hey, what's up? Why are you so rah all of a sudden?"

3. "Shut up! I'm not being rah!"
by tamzinrose June 24, 2005
Something either completely awesome or horrible
That term paper was rah.
by Mel October 17, 2004
Rah - Used as hello by those whom are lazy or tired, to friends of similar state of mind.

Alternative 'Meh'

Related words:
El Raho - The person whom created/spreads Rah. He alone is a computer phreaker able to annoy an epileptic fly on another computer monitor (and nothing much else).
"Rah, hows u?"
by ZironX December 03, 2003
slang for "right"
"if you wit me lemme hear you say rah,rah"

tone down the pronunciation a bit.
by queen bizzle April 24, 2003

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