This means 1.that time when you are arguing with someone, or 2.if they are trying to argue with you, or 3.if you are trying to argue with them.
1. "Can I call you back later? We're all rah right now."

2. "Hey, what's up? Why are you so rah all of a sudden?"

3. "Shut up! I'm not being rah!"
by tamzinrose June 24, 2005
Lyke if ur sum1 tells u summit u would b lyke rah! man dat was g8 u get meh!
i culdn't get my eyez off dat bwoy he was lyke rah!!!
by Mina January 12, 2005
slang for "right"
"if you wit me lemme hear you say rah,rah"

tone down the pronunciation a bit.
by queen bizzle April 24, 2003
a stupid word warren and jim use when they want to avoid a topic or have nothing better to say. Is totally abused and overused by them as well.
monica: did you get with that girl?
jim/warren: rahhhhhhhhhhhhh
by monica(: September 08, 2008
My nickname online. I then discovered Rah means evil in hebrew, and other stuff. Anyways, I'm simply awesome.

I am... uhm... the Rah ;.;
by Kaosu Rah December 31, 2004
Ribs Are Hurting, (created 23-10-04) whilst chating with a mate on MSN and he made me rah, or laugh histerically at another persons expence.
abreviation: used in quick type on computers. rah stands for ribs are hurting. similar to LOL with is abrevated from laughing out loud. To express rah on a computer via maybe a chat forum or an internet messenger service is to indicate an hysterical laugh, one where ones ribs are physically hurting, hence RAH.
by jimbojambo October 23, 2004
to mock in a friendly way
"naw, i shouldn't say anything. he was just rah-ing"
by emily September 15, 2004
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