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Michal W's bestest friend in the whole wide world!!!
Janella is the coolest girl in world!!!
by Miguelito1234 December 12, 2008
a beauitful person inside and out, isnt afraid of saying the truth even though it may hurt at times. the greatest friend or more, she is the smartest
she rare so dont let her go because she's the best
call janella
heyy there janella
lets hangout with her
yeah man
by jojo.landr August 20, 2012
Geek, a person who gets sexual kicks from back stabbery and gossip... Often these women walk like a man with a broom shoved up their arse. The Janella's of the world are epitomised by such phrases as ''Punchjanella''
Person a. hey where's janella today
Person b. duno but i wanna punch her
by willywafter February 06, 2010

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