Top Definition
Not caring, being reckless, disregard to consequence
See him? Just went in there raggo and took the lot!
by Bumba Claat April 08, 2003
to do summat without caring... to go on a mad one.
i fu*ked him raggo
by Carly April 18, 2004
means thats out of order
oh my god blood is dat what he said, dats raggo
by cherise December 12, 2003
a neoclassical term synonamous with the intrespective view of modernday society
"oh RAGGO !"
by blap attack June 11, 2004
Something that looks really crap
look at that bike its well raggo
by Daniel January 18, 2004
An Arab, Hindu, or other Asian who wears a turban or other cloth headgear. Short for "raghead".
"Those raggos should learn to get along with each other."
by Witchdoc March 21, 2003
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