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Someone who is slightly crazy/mental

Used more in a humerous way rather than as an insult
Sarah "Holden?! Did you seriously just jump in to that pool of poo?"

Shaunagh "Man she is radged!"
by Bow! April 02, 2009
someone whos stupid, silly aword to call someone with out meaning it nasterly more a funny your stupid
yoyoyoyoyo wat up shouting "AYO"

another person says your RADGED you are!
by TOAD October 10, 2003
Horny. Suffering from excessive sexual arousal. To be rendered incapable of logical thought by sexual arousal.

North East term, esp. Middlesbrough / Teesside
He was so radged he didn't notice her husband approaching.
by Quentinminx July 30, 2009