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find the loosest girl you can. Then you repeatedly kick a girl in the cunt in order to make. her. cum.
so i went up stairs and she was already eating the other dike out so i kicked her legs open and kick fucked her while she ate that snatch.
by john staley April 30, 2008
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The act of sexually assaulting an individual by violently and repeatedly kicking them in an appropriate orifice.
"Bitch if you don't figure out how to drive I will kick-fuck you into quadriplegicy!"

"So, I was kick-fucking this chick with spina bifida last night..."
by Höllenfeuer August 30, 2011
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v. when something has been done well, it has been kick-fucked
After the noon-time rush for lunch, the chef exclaimed, "Well, we kick-fucked that bitch!"
by Burian Maltsev August 15, 2007
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verb: when a guy gets off from being kicked in the balls.
by kaos666 August 17, 2008
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