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Rally chant for University of Alabama athletics, especially football.
Roll Tide, Roll! Alabama holds 12 national championships, and Auburn has 1.
by acidosis March 11, 2005
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The only thing that University of Bama students have to learn before graduating.
Dean: What have you learned here at Bama?

Joe Benny Bob Willie: "Roll Tide.. Bear Bryant is God !! "

Dean: Great job, you graduate !!
by Jonathan Snells March 12, 2004
A sentence enhancer, or a sentence in it's own. Can be used as a greeting, departure, or to smooth rough ties between people and shut others up. It's a movement. Usually followed by a fist in the air.
"RollTide?" "RollTide!" (Black Power Fist)
by HDWHW February 13, 2011
The evidently mandatory utterance upon teabagging unsuspecting incapacitated opposing fans.
"Go for it Billy Bob! Teabag him real good, Roll Tide!"
by clergyurge1 January 21, 2012
A drunk moron that pulls his junk out and stupidly assaults a helpless drunk by tea bagging the passed out football fan with his diseased ball sack.
Look at that Roll Tide, he has no regard for others and apparently doesn't realize he has a small package. Poor idiot, his mom must have been a roll tide too because he apparently grew up with no class.
by NormaGenie January 22, 2012
Something that Joe Scarborough says a lot on his tv show.
Next up I'll be reading your Emails! Roll Tide! Roll Tide! Roll Tide!
While performing the art of love of the canine persuasion, the man quickly pulls his member from his partners fleshy crevace, spreads her cheeks, and hocks a big one in her anus. Then, WITHOUT PERMISSION, jams his member into said anus with intent to wreck. *Note: Chafing will ensue*
"Dude, I totally Roll Tided two bitches last nite. You could say I completely wrecked'em... and now my balls stink."
by Cay Ronner/Rhenna Jodes Inc. June 18, 2009

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