Internet lingo for "real talk" as in serious or true. Usually the time it is used in the context of true it can be synonymous with the popular saying "I know, right?" (ikr)
Meaning: true
Harry: She does not know how to grade at all!
Maya: rt, rt!
Meaning: serious
Clare: You joke around too much. Can we like for once have an rt conversation?
by kandy_is_bored June 17, 2010
the initials for real talk.
Bob: Yo, you wanna go do a blunt later.
Gary: like rt, I haven't been enjoying those shits lately.
by spiffyxJAY May 07, 2009
Roll Tide
roll tide roll, as in alabama football, RT
by sherr015 March 23, 2009
See Real Talk
Hey rogue, that is some rt
by wick June 03, 2003
The offical wingman of any guy in need.
Will: Dude check out that hot chick..
RT: Don't worry, you go get her - I'll stay with her ugly and anoying friend since that's all I can do!
Will: wingmaaaaaaaaaaaan *que coors light commercial*
by hybrid January 16, 2004
'hahaha, you're in the RT group for maths'
A cool indian indian.
RT is the coolest indian I know.
by l2yan April 16, 2006
short for "rock tit"
that girl had major RT
by Bri July 28, 2004

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