When someone says something that is not smart or doesn't make sense, this word can be said to show their stupidity
I got an A+ on my calculus test!
by shreyap March 06, 2011
1. Rest in peace

2. A hoe or a female that fucks everbody

See hoe
P1: "Man, that girl bad! Who is she?"

P2: "You dont want her man she sum rip."
by A-Town Boi July 11, 2009
Slang word for smokeless tobacco
I'm going to throw in a fatty Rip.
by Elde February 20, 2008
To be defeated utterly in an online gaming tournament.

i) "Oh man we got totally RIPed."
ii) "Yeah, we RIPed them that game!"
by Django!! January 15, 2008
To have a sexual incounter..
When you gonna let a nigha rip?
by Ladii Spyda September 24, 2007
1. pertaining to an insult
2. pertaining to something funny or exciting
Rips on Whitney.

Oh rips
by Whitney Mour September 24, 2007
to snap ones index finger against middle finger and thumb pinched together as if packing a tin, but you're actually ripppppin it

you must say "ripppp" or "watch me rip" when you rip
Dude! Jordan just ripped in Hannah's face and she said "fuck you Jordan"
by Standard Dave January 04, 2008

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