Something that is fucked up, or something that is over.

Originated in Vancouver
C: Dude my girl just deleted me off Instagram and Facebook and now she wants me back
M: Dude that is so fucked up!
C: Yeah, rip.
by Vancouverite November 28, 2013
Someone or something (a noun) that is funny.
You're such a rip!
That cat is such a rip!
by kellmons October 02, 2011
(Any Part of Speech) To act in an extraordinary manor (or be extraordinary), so extraordinary that one could be comparable to the members of the ORA (Official Rippers of America).

(Ripping cannot be chalked up into a single deffiniton, it holds many a meaning and that is the beauty).
Nice rip
by Stonewall Jack April 19, 2011
the ultimate verb describing the extent of one's action.
Mr. Teet is rippen that pizza bad.
Mr. Pooch just ripped it.
Shit rips.
Rip it.
Buffalo Chicken Cheesesteaks rip bad.
That song rips. Bad.
by Toke Mad December 02, 2009
1. noun - 'a rip'. general all-purpose insult. usually coupled with 'fat' as in 'fat rip'.

2. verb - 'to rip'. to insult someone; to take the piss out of someone.
1. 'ah, bowie, yer a fat rip'

2. 'ah, bowie, ye got ripped by a teacher'
by coffeeblonde November 21, 2004
In card games, to mise a card from the top of your deck, which then will win you the game, or have some other similarly large effect.
To open, esp. a pack of cards.
To obtain from a pack of cards.
What a rip! Wrath of God!
Wanna rip these packs, or save them for later?
I ripped an Arcbound Ravager the other day.
by Hukuma Xpyweb September 04, 2004
To remove accessory features from software in order to make it smaller for illegal distribution
The game I got had the music ripped
by Thibadeaux October 12, 2003

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