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(n) A joke, insult, or ridiculing comment used in a light manner, as in yo mama jokes.
(v) -ripped, ripping- To have used that joke on someone. Originated in Miami.
Dwayne: Ooh, Ima rip you so bad you gone need a new haircut!
Eric: Rip me, then! Rip me!
Dwayne: Dan

In the distance, a car screeches to a stop, making a loud, unpleasant noise. Andrea whispers to her friend about a girl she doesn't like, "That's how Tina sounds when she sings!"

Random boy says, "Dannnng, Andrea, why you gotta rip her like that?"
by Ninur Niner February 13, 2010
1 6
To fart. Academics believe that the expression comes from when you fart so hard and so loudly that you feel like you have just ripped/teared you ass. However, you don't necessarily need to rip your ass to "let it rip".
*Two dudes are sitting on a couch*

Dude1: Duuude... you are about to get GASSED!!!! >:D
Dude2: Whatever... let it rip. |-/
Dude1: *fart* XD
by jay-x April 29, 2008
2 7
To pass an enormously large amount of gas in someone's face.
Greg thought that if he looked real hard he could find a penny in my ass. While he was looking, I ripped.

(P.S. Greg is Jewish)
by thedude246 July 23, 2005
3 8
(v) To quickly and roughly slide one's hand along another's face or neck in an abrasive or playfully hurtful manner.
"Owww, why am I getting ripped?"
by O'Shea Jackson May 21, 2005
5 10
Rip Hamilton. The best goddamn player in the NBA
The Pistons aint nothing witout Rip
by itsbrandnew June 19, 2004
11 16
This is when a girl is considered to have RUN-IN-PUSSY.
Man, that girl some rip...she had sex with four of my homies.
by ryan@brumby August 29, 2006
4 10
synonym for good, great, awesome, fantastic, super...
urban dictionary dot com rips.
by helen July 31, 2004
10 16