To fart. Academics believe that the expression comes from when you fart so hard and so loudly that you feel like you have just ripped/teared you ass. However, you don't necessarily need to rip your ass to "let it rip".
*Two dudes are sitting on a couch*

Dude1: Duuude... you are about to get GASSED!!!! >:D
Dude2: Whatever... let it rip. |-/
Dude1: *fart* XD
by jay-x April 29, 2008
1 rest in peace
2 a girl who let dudes get it like every da
1 word 'round town u nothin but some rip
2 "the only reason why he go wit her cause she easy" " oh she a rip"
by Anjalea December 08, 2006
To pass an enormously large amount of gas in someone's face.
Greg thought that if he looked real hard he could find a penny in my ass. While he was looking, I ripped.

(P.S. Greg is Jewish)
by thedude246 July 23, 2005
(v) To quickly and roughly slide one's hand along another's face or neck in an abrasive or playfully hurtful manner.
"Owww, why am I getting ripped?"
by O'Shea Jackson May 21, 2005
synonym for good, great, awesome, fantastic, super...
urban dictionary dot com rips.
by helen July 31, 2004
Rip Hamilton. The best goddamn player in the NBA
The Pistons aint nothing witout Rip
by itsbrandnew June 19, 2004
This is when a girl is considered to have RUN-IN-PUSSY.
Man, that girl some rip...she had sex with four of my homies.
by ryan@brumby August 29, 2006

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