A difference from R.I.P; Rest In Peace. Rip is classified to "Rest In Pepperonis" and is most commonly used after somebody is burned(1) or rekt(2)

1: see REKT
2: When you get destroyed through language.
I 420 noscoped the nub, RIP.
by How To Internet December 11, 2015
Used to explain how good someone in extreme sports such as Surfing, Snowboarding, Bodyboarding, Skateboarding, etc.
That bodyboarder out at the Pipe this morning absolutely Rips! Such a perfect 8 second barrel and he came out with the most perfect invert!
by bbkingkongfag December 13, 2013
to take a tobacco bong hit , preferably with weed or hash on it.
i just took a fat rip and i'm zorbin hard!
by Mrmcewen March 31, 2009
Rape in Progress, When someone is touching you inappropriately yell RIP and the police will be right over.
RIP! RIP! this man is touching my boobs!
by lil brad March 09, 2009
To place ones hand on someone elses neck and retract very quickly causing a burning sensation. Usually given when someone says something very stupid or out of place.
Person #1- Yo you know that guy Mike...
Person #2- Yea hes pretty gay...
Person #1- Rip!!! he's got a girlfriend blah...
Person #2- Yea, but...but...
by Turovskiy November 12, 2007
v. to inhale a drug. i.e marijuana/tweak/heroin
hey, let me get a rip of that shit.
by JMSago January 13, 2007
A word used to describe a vaginal tear in sexual penetration. Usually yelled by high school boys at attractive women, from the safety of their moving vehicle. Originated on Madison Wisconsin's west side.
I'm gonna rip the rippin' rip out of your rippin' rip. rrrrriiiiiiiipppp!
by Rip squad October 17, 2005

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