Bitch (on the sly)
that stupid rip stole my car
by P-Feezy October 03, 2003
Megadeth's fourth album, Rust In Peace, considered by many THE diffinitive thrash metal album. The crowning acheivment of Megadeth it includes such classics as Tornado of Souls, Hanger 18, and Holy Wars...The Punishment Due. With amazing riffs from Dave Mustain and vicious solos from Marty Freidman R.I.P. is one of the most technically complex and perfect metal albums. ever
R.I.P. ...let the music speak for itself
by Warren G. March 26, 2007
to have sexual intercourse.
That bitch already let me rip. And she let me skeet up in her!
by 2La May 13, 2004
Rest in Piss. Commonly mistaken for Rest in Peace.
I'm sicker than sick them niggas they gotta admit when I
grab my shit you either gone or get caught with a hot one
nigga so rest in piss

by Alone in Hell June 30, 2009
, first,or up front
She paid me off the rip.
by justanotherdolla August 30, 2003
Rip, fuck bet, Rip...
"Bro just rip"
"Who says bet anymore fags..RIP out"
by Jewcrew September 14, 2004
any action relating to anything.
Do you wanna rip and get a sandwich?
Do you guys wanna rip?
Did you rip her or what?
by Clark Kiesling May 16, 2005

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